Back to Care in Latin America: Cancer Screening in the Public Sector

 The global pandemic interrupted the diagnosis-to-treatment pathway, increasing both mortality rates and treatments costs for later-stage diseases. The only way to reverse these trends is to create a surge in diagnostic and treatment bandwidth.

Delayed cancer diagnosis and treatment is the next health crisis facing Latin America

To drive awareness, MSD commissioned FrontierView to analyze publicly available data in Latin America around this issue. FrontierView quantified the number of missed preventive screenings during the pandemic, as well as the gap between current screening levels and targeted screening coverage of eligible populations for cervical and breast cancer in Brazil, Mexico, and Peru, where good public data is available. Here’s what we found:

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About the study

MSD commissioned FrontierView to achieve the following in Brazil, Mexico, and Peru:

  • Quantify the number of missed preventive screening exams from 2020 and 2021 for breast and cervical cancers
  • Calculate the impact of cost to treat more-advanced disease progression and lower likelihood of positive patient outcomes
  • Draw attention to the gap between pre-pandemic rates of diagnosis, pandemic year rates of diagnosis, and the continued gap in the effective covered population with cancer screening programs against the targeted population

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