Consulting Solutions

Need more help? Our Consulting team enhances our in-depth research to develop a custom scope of work in support of your “Where to Focus” and “How to Win” questions. Our rigorous methodologies, data & analytics, and deep subject-matter expertise power client success.

Where We Excel

Our expertise is on your Where to Focus and How to Win, so we can address your key questions and find the precise answers that are critical to your business planning and growth strategies.

Where to Focus

  • Identifying the best next opportunity for clients’ investment or expansion
  • Developing methodological, fact-based portfolio reallocation recommendations
  • Building incremental investment analysis
  • Creating detailed market assessments, including size and total addressable market, regulation and policy scenarios, channel and competitor landscapes
  • Modeling customized scenarios for your business

How to Win

  • Developing route-to-market recommendations specific to our clients’ requirements
  • Building local partner management programs to drive performance wile minimizing your team’s time investment
  • Identifying and closing drivers of local performance gaps
  • Profiling competitors and/or customers to win market share and grow in disparate markets
  • Analyzing stakeholders specific to your industry to develop competitive advantage

Areas of Expertise and Case Studies

We offer targeted expertise to help multinationals succeed in high-stakes markets.

Provided a single, comprehensive view of market opportunity across a portfolio of 59 countries and recommended targeted resource allocation strategies

Provided clear recommendations on the optimal go-to-market strategy and in-depth estimations of the opportunity for client’s main segments in Peru

Leveraged proprietary methodology to create a framework and approach to implement a long-term partner capability improvement process for the client

Used FrontierView’s Distributor Capability Evaluation Framework to identify the distributer that could best help the client achieve its growth targets in India

Created profiles of potential distributors for a client aiming to expand its business in China, and analyzed their strengths, weaknesses, and degree of fit

Standardized client’s distributor performance assessment framework and revised its distributor incentive structure to enhance its channel network capabilities

Diagnosed client’s current internal shortcomings, quantified the size of the opportunity gained from closing gaps, and guided strategy implementation

Developed a three-phased market-expansion strategy for opportunities in Nigeria and Kenya, focusing on retail channels and product categories for investment

We can support your specific growth needs.