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As you launch and execute your 2022 strategic planning, our extensive experience will support you in this process. We have developed a robust EMEA webinar series to help you and your team align on the major dynamics shaping the world in 2022.

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First Look: Middle East and North Africa Trends to Monitor in 2022

Countries in the MENA region will begin next year with diverging outlooks, and the differences in vaccination programs, approach to COVID-19 restrictions, level of fiscal strain and public stimulus, sophistication of e-commerce infrastructure, and degrees of political risk will all result in a diverse portfolio of markets to manager. 

October 27, 2021

9:00am – 10:00am BST

planning for emea’s emergence out of the pandemic

In this webinar, FrontierView will present an assessment of the macroeconomic outlook for the region, including expectations for COVID and restrictions across the region, resulting variations in recoveries of primary markets in the region, and inflation trends, among other topics. In addition, we will share anecdotes from EMEA executives regarding their plans for their portfolio allocations and sales-force structures.

First Look: Sub-Saharan Africa Trends to Monitor in 2022

While Sub-Saharan African (SSA) markets have displayed remarkable resilience during the pandemic, the outlook for 2022 is uncertain. Frontierview’s webinar will highlight updated SSA trends that will help executives navigate planning and operational challenges – and identify growth opportunities – through 2022.

First Look: Central & Eastern Europe Trends to Monitor in 2022

This webinar, a discussion of our outlook on the CEE region for 2022 will help executives identify and plan for key opportunities resulting from likely strong economic activity going into Q4 2021 and 2022, as well as plan for risks, such as post-pandemic operational challenges.

First Look: Western Europe Trends to Monitor in 2022

Highlighting the strongest opportunities across Western Europe’s primary countries and consumer and business segments. This webinar will focus on WEUR executives’ primary business challenges in a post-pandemic environment of rebounding growth thanks to considerable pent-up demand and confidence.

vision 2030 and saudi arabia’s post-covid healthcare landscape

Join FrontierView’s research team for an update on Saudi Arabia’s healthcare policy and expenditure outlook, where we share our revised expectations for the country’s healthcare landscape and look at progress toward Vision 2030 goals amid an uncertain post-COVID landscape.

Will SSA markets lose steam as fiscal pressures mount and the COVID-19 vaccine rollout falters?

In this webinar, executives will be able to better navigate planning and operational challenges SSA markets, including South Africa and Nigeria, that are arising from uneven economic performance and the lingering effects of COVID-19 disruption throughout 2021.

Can Russia’s Economic Revival Continue throughout 2021?

Since the year began, businesses have reported a solid, consistent recovery in demand (a reflection of consumer, business, and public investment performances); however, can this recovery be sustained throughout H2 and into 2022, or was the H1 rebound the result of pent-up demand from 2020?

EMEA Regional Outlook

As the world emerges from the peak of the COVID-19 crisis and enters a gradual normalization period, multinational company executives will face a complex emerging EMEA region. Countries will vary significantly in their pace of vaccination and economic normalization, complicating demand planning.

Turkey’s Healthcare Landscape in 2021

The Turkish economy will grow around 4% in 2021, with a relatively more stable lira, high interest rates, and most importantly for the healthcare sector, a higher fiscal deficit and public debt levels. The country will progress ahead with its vaccination program, likely opening up the economy in Q2 2021.

MENA Outlook for 2021

The MENA region enters its recovery path in 2021, however countries are diverging significantly in terms of their COVID-19 restrictions, vaccination programs and pace of rebound in their economic activity levels. This webinar will share FrontierView’s outlook on the MENA region.

Central & Eastern Europe Outlook for 2021

In this webinar, FrontierView will provide a comprehensive outlook for Central European and Russia/CIS markets, evaluating key drivers of growth and trends throughout 2021. We will also discuss key actions that executives can consider in capturing future opportunities and mitigating risks.

Western Europe Outlook for 2021

This webinar highlights Western European Countries and segments with FrontierView’s updated economic outlook for the region’s largest economies for 2021, informing assumptions with revised forecasts to effectively estimate the pace of recovery within WEUR for B2C, B2B, and B2G firms.

turkey outlook for 2021

Turkey is entering 2021 with high inflation, ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, vaccine preparations, risk of further sanctions from the EU and the US, and weak economic confidence. This webinar shares the outlook for Turkey’s economy and main sectors in 2021, revised forecasts for key indicators based on the latest developments and more.

Preparing for emergence out of the pandemic

When will demand and sentiment start to improve more consistently? How long will current restrictions last? These are the questions we are hearing from clients. In this webinar we provide our outlook for Russia in the coming months and the rest of 2021, with insights related to the country’s progress in combating the pandemic and its economy’s trajectory as a result.

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