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China stimulus package
The scale of the package is meager, so its impact is likely to be limited Multinationals […]
States’ importance in total government CAPEX has grown in the past decade India’s large and complex […]
The West’s greater engagement with Central Asia will have a limited impact in the near term, […]
China Scenarios
Household spending will continue to lean toward services rather than goods Holiday travel has made a […]
Only select areas, e.g., welfare, childcare, and strategic industries, will see meaningful funding increases in 2024 […]
Udaipur city aerial panoramic view, India
Despite this being a pre-election year, the government has maintained its focus on capital spending The […]
Multiple headwinds will prevent the economy from growing substantially through H1 2024 Firms should optimize their […]
Domestic demand falters, while export-oriented industries surge The divergent growth dynamics across various sections of the […]
China real estate
These measures still fall short of tackling the structural issues that the property market faces Multinationals […]
An improving political outlook will support the Thai economy in the coming months Firms will benefit […]
Government actions will tame domestic food prices but heighten global food inflation Considering food makes up […]
Recent policy changes by the BOJ signal the potential for a sea change in pricing and […]
China Scenarios
Weakness of global demand is forecast to persist and will weigh on Chinese exports until at […]
Producer and headline inflation have been trending down, but some upside food inflation risk remains India’s […]
Thailand’s tumultuous political environment
While the political environment will likely remain turbulent in the coming weeks, the economy will see […]