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Rebound will take time to materialize given China’s chaotic reopening Few businesses were spared the consequences […]
Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves have plummeted to unsustainable levels If Pakistan defaults on its debt, it […]
Retail sales will continue to grow in ASEAN, supported by a return of Chinese tourists and […]
Hopes of a rapid rebound in growth may not be realistic as China struggles to deal […]
Regardless of the avenues the government takes to raise spending, the transition is likely to be […]
While Asia Pacific is likely to post relatively strong growth next year, most risks tilt to […]
India’s economy is likely to grow by 6.5% YOY in 2022 before slowing to 5.7% YOY […]
After experiencing two years of weak growth due to COVID outbreaks, ASEAN has been on a […]
Additional weakening of Southeast Asian currencies will drive import costs even higher in 2023 Companies in […]
Global and local disruptors continue to buffet Asia Pacific Disruptive forces—both external and internal—are buffeting Asia […]
Contrary to widely held hopes, Chinese officials are doubling down on zero-COVID policies In the short […]
2023 inflation will likely reach 6.3% YOY because of potential increases in food, fuel, and imported […]
Export demand will remain weak through 2023 as global headwinds persist Export demand in Southeast Asia […]
The mounting burden of healthcare, defense, and welfare costs will constrain government finances over the long […]
China Scenarios
The zero-COVID strategy and real estate issues drive substantial uncertainty For decades, China has been a […]