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Short-term inflation expectations have cooled, but broad trends still point to higher-for-longer inflation While India’s recent […]
Beleaguered developers suffer another blow to their financial soundness as homebuyers stop paying mortgages Businesses need […]
Governments will attempt to rein in spending over the next 18 months as their finances are […]
The won is unlikely to make a meaningful recovery until Q2 2023 Firms that import goods […]
Central banks in Southeast Asia are facing a balancing act between targeting growth and inflation Central […]
Rising inflation expectations and growing pessimism over future economic performance have severely weakened consumer sentiment B2C […]
Recently, FrontierView hosted 22 APAC Vice Presidents and Chief Financial Officers of major multinationals for a […]
The governments of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka, followed by Odisha, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu, are in […]
Restaurants in key Chinese cities have suffered steep losses in the past few months The rapidly […]
We expect the RBA to raise rates quickly in Q3 and then slow the pace of […]
Global palm oil prices will not ease quickly due to domestic supply requirements for Indonesian palm […]
China stimulus package
The normalization of strict COVID containment measures will add extra costs to MNCs’ day-to-day operations The […]
Pakistan Central Bank's liquid foreign reserves and Pakistan's external public debt
There is little upside potential for the Japanese yen in the coming months MNCs should expect […]