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Lower inflation and a robust labor market will keep the US economy in expansive territory Overall, […]
Low demand and increasing price sensitivity will be challenges for manufacturers in 2024 The global manufacturing […]
Global Outlook for 2024
The recovery of purchasing power will be slow amid an environment of sticky inflation and high […]
Several risks to global food supply have the potential to keep prices high Food inflation poses […]
Higher oil prices threaten the downward trajectory of inflation High oil prices are the biggest threat […]
A combination of El Niño, the collapse of the grain deal, and export bans from major […]
Global Outlook for 2024
2024 will bring higher-growth and a more complex landscape 2024 may be the first year of […]
global supply chains
More Regional, More Flexible, More Expensive Rising manufacturing costs, geopolitical tensions, regulatory concerns, and competing government […]
Greater complexity and cost of supply chains pose strategic challenges for MNCs Global supply chain restructuring […]
Protect Your Business from Geopolitical Disruption Taiwan’s future is increasingly on the minds of senior executives. […]
Yet these meetings offer little reassurance to MNCs navigating the most unstable business environment in China […]
global economy
Fears of recession shaped budgeting season 2022 and how companies approached planning for this year. But […]
However, tight supply will keep a floor under prices in 2023 and 2024 Oil prices have […]
MedTech Firm Boosts Business Development Plan
Improving Business Development Strategies: How This MedTech Firm Finds Success With FrontierView Medical device companies are […]
Food inflation continues to keep headline inflation at elevated levels Multinationals should revisit scenario planning to […]