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We’ve talked for months about where the world economy is headed next year, and we understand […]
We expect the Fed’s policy rate to move into the 5% range by early 2023, putting […]
China Scenarios
The zero-COVID strategy and real estate issues drive substantial uncertainty For decades, China has been a […]
The global economy is headed for recession in 2023. We expect global GDP growth to slow […]
Two-thirds of major markets experience a contraction in output The downturn in manufacturing is the earliest […]
Our Brent crude annual average oil price forecast remains at US$ 105 for 2022 and US$ […]
Distributor capabilities. One of the many issues we highlighted in our Global outlook for 2023 is the pressure […]
Executives are facing one of the most complicated planning environments over the past decade. High input […]
We are excited to announce the release of an online store to sell FrontierView’s award-winning research […]
Buyers such as auto producers can expect lower costs and shorter lead times, but with risks […]
Weak demand is driving a deceleration in input cost and selling price inflation, as business confidence […]
Although prices likely won’t return to post-invasion highs, tight supply and ongoing supply risk will keep […]
A turnaround on the battlefield or sanctions escalation by the West could cause massive Russian retaliation […]
Our Brent crude annual average oil price forecast is US$ 109 for 2022 and US$ 95 […]
Scenarios for the global economy in 2022–2023 Our latest refresh on the global economic outlook is […]