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The Argentine peso and the Brazilian real had contrasting performances in 2022 Despite recent rumors, Argentine […]
Calls to move the general election to December 2023 are intensifying Social unrest in Peru has […]
Chile’s debt levels increased sharply during the pandemic and continue rising Although the government has argued […]
The country’s deepening polarization will hinder the approval of potential reform efforts The weekend attack on […]
Lula’s economic team picks still don’t indicate a solid commitment to austerity Firms should closely monitor […]
Newly sworn-in President Boluarte is likely to face challenges similar to those of her predecessor, meaning […]
Many of the factors that have driven economic growth thus far will slow over the course […]
Latin America could once again emerge as the clear winner among emerging markets in 2023 As […]
The tax increases come as Colombia’s economy slows substantially amid high inflation and rising price sensitivity, […]
While the reform is unlikely to pass in its current form, AMLO’s influence over the next […]
The government will continue to protect the central bank’s reserves amid energy import pressures into 2023 […]
Q3 data surprises to the upside, improving the outlook for 2022, but firms should remain cautious […]
While Bolsonaro has yet to publicly acknowledge the outcome, support appears limited for challenging the election […]
Peso depreciation will weigh on Colombia’s growth by increasing inflation and undermining business investment Last week, […]
South Africa's economic recovery loses momentum as structural vulnerabilities pile up