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Q2 economic growth data surprised again to the upside driven by higher-than-expected exports, employment creation, and […]
Recent FrontierView polling shows GMs believe production is on track to ramp up in Mexico Amid […]
The influx of USD will enable the BCRA to maintain a controlled pace of ARS devaluation […]
Appetite for reform remains strong, but the path forward is not yet clear Firms should closely […]
Short-term inflation relief continues to be an effect of government efforts to bring energy prices down […]
With less than two weeks to go until the referendum, opinion polls have barely budged Firms […]
Amid currency depreciations throughout emerging markets, the peso stands out as a resilient outlier Although Andres […]
Even though a less ambitious reform is likely to be approved, it will still create a […]
Breaching the spending cap could threaten the country’s credit profile and long-term inflation targets Lower commitment […]
The ministry is slated to publish a slew of new measures this week focused on addressing […]
In July, leftist populist Gustavo Petro was elected president of Colombia, continuing a regional political shift […]
Supply chain disruptions and widespread strikes are generating multimillion-dollar losses in Central America’s richest economy After […]
Re-evaluate pricing policies for 2022 and 2023, as depreciation is likely to drive further inflation Firms […]
Inflation and FX volatility reflect the weakening possibility of economic reform Firms should brace for worsening […]
An embattled pro-business president struggles to appease indigenous groups Widespread social unrest broke out in Ecuador […]