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Leading executives react to political uncertainty and macroeconomic volatility FrontierView recently hosted a group of executives […]
Moderate parties’ resistance will likely force a softening of the proposed reforms, but some of the […]
Navigating relentless regulatory headwinds and financial austerity FrontierView recently hosted a group of Mexico GMs of […]
Given the tax reform rejection, the government has less fiscal space to overcome consumer spending and […]
2023 will likely see a return to the country’s low-growth pattern of the past decade While […]
Mexico’s ‘superpeso’ has not lost steam to date in 2023; the currency has appreciated by 8.5% […]
Structural challenges, particularly weak rule of law, could undermine Mexico’s nearshoring opportunity Firms will undoubtedly face […]
With a fragmented Congress, Petro has secured a fragile majority coalition, but he relies on the […]
The country has a chance to rebuild its reputation as a regional leader for sound macroeconomic […]
The Six Largest Latin American Countries Now Under Leftist Leadership
In November, former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) was elected for an unprecedented third […]
Each proposal in President Lasso’s constitutional referendum was rejected by voters Ecuador’s regional elections and constitutional […]
The costs of maintaining the IEPS subsidy are likely to grow While “republican austerity” has characterized […]
The Argentine peso and the Brazilian real had contrasting performances in 2022 Despite recent rumors, Argentine […]
Calls to move the general election to December 2023 are intensifying Social unrest in Peru has […]
Chile’s debt levels increased sharply during the pandemic and continue rising Although the government has argued […]