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Expect weaker demand into H1 2023, but opportunities in the market are still there Turkey’s GDP […]
Additional weakening of Southeast Asian currencies will drive import costs even higher in 2023 Companies in […]
The tax increases come as Colombia’s economy slows substantially amid high inflation and rising price sensitivity, […]
Higher mortgages and falling home prices will dent consumer confidence and spending The double whammy of […]
Gas shortages in winter 2023 are increasingly likely, and the threat of government-mandated gas rationing could […]
While the reform is unlikely to pass in its current form, AMLO’s influence over the next […]
While growth has been revised downward through 2024, it will remain robust by regional standards While […]
Contrary to widely held hopes, Chinese officials are doubling down on zero-COVID policies In the short […]
Despite the immediate market-calming effects of the budget announcement, macroeconomic challenges and political risks continue to […]
Plans to cut CAPEX have been approved, with public spending on salaries maintained B2C demand will […]
The government will continue to protect the central bank’s reserves amid energy import pressures into 2023 […]
Expected uptick in demand this winter will translate into renewed upward price pressures MNCs should consider […]
2023 inflation will likely reach 6.3% YOY because of potential increases in food, fuel, and imported […]
Q3 data surprises to the upside, improving the outlook for 2022, but firms should remain cautious […]
European central banks will introduce additional hikes to tame both inflation and currency pressures The tighter […]