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Ghana's budget
Successful domestic debt restructuring and the IMF program have improved the fiscal outlook for 2024 Firms […]
Ecuador is on the brink of a constitutional crisis
Maintaining his coalition in the National Assembly will be one of Noboa’s main challenges in making […]
Lower inflation and a robust labor market will keep the US economy in expansive territory Overall, […]
New Zealand government
The success of the right-leaning government will depend on the coalition partners’ ability to cooperate on […]
Milei faces notable governability challenges due to a lack of support from governors and a legislative […]
Low demand and increasing price sensitivity will be challenges for manufacturers in 2024 The global manufacturing […]
Colombia’s GDP shrank by 0.3% YOY in Q3 2023. Excluding the pandemic, the last time the […]
FrontierView’s update on the war in Gaza, noting key developments and changes to possible scenarios as […]
However, “borrowing new to pay old” won’t resolve the root causes of China’s debt problem Special […]
Argentina's government
Milei’s recent announcement has helped dissipate dollarization fears; however, his proposed fiscal shock will likely face […]
New investment and B2G opportunities should emerge as discussions intensify and infrastructure expansion continues Long-term investments […]
In 2022, Colombia passed a reform that establishes taxes on ultra-processed foods and sugary beverages, which […]
The stimulus fails to provide adequate support to increase demand in the short term Japan’s upcoming […]
As the tax reform advances in Congress, it further veers from its original intent—with multiple exceptional […]
Given ongoing negotiations between the PSOE and the Catalan ERC and Junts parties, acting PM Pedro […]