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Brazilian City Scape
Target opportunities in areas that saw budget expansion MNCs should monitor budget performance closely to anticipate […]
In response to high commodity prices and the risk of further price increases, firms should consider […]
As we approach the end of the year, you might be using this time to reflect […]
To date, the impact of high levels of political uncertainty has been seen on the sol, […]
The latest inflation figures for the US raise the risk of faster monetary tightening by the […]
The end of Expo 2020 will not result in a drop of economic growth. Expo’s structural […]
Tighter restrictions across Europe and work-from-home guidelines in the UK will soften demand in the service […]
While producers have begun to pass through the higher costs of manufacturing to consumers, elevated producer […]
Sao Paulo Brazil, Skyline
Firms should continue to align with their local partners in terms of the supply chain, as […]
As we head into 2022, governments across Latin America have published their healthcare budgets, mainly, but […]
Responding to heightened Turkish lira volatility As a critical part of EMEA and MEA portfolios, Turkey […]
Asia Pacific will continue to experience COVID-19 outbreaks over the course of 2022, but their impact […]
Strong global manufacturing activity, particularly in southeast Asia and Europe, points to near-term opportunities and strong […]
tokyo, japan
Firms in Japan will have limited flexibility in passing on price increases to consumers in H1 […]
With the three parties pledging to not raise income nor corporate taxes, while raising the minimum […]