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MNCs should plan for heightened uncertainty and market volatility heading into 2023 While the far-right coalition […]
Subnational prioritization will yield somewhat different results for B2C, B2B, and B2G companies Companies with a […]
The war has reached its most dangerous moment thus far Firms need to brace for an […]
The right parties’ bloc has overtaken the Social Democrats on the back of surging support for […]
Recent FrontierView polling shows GMs believe production is on track to ramp up in Mexico Amid […]
Early elections may not ease the country’s political crisis Iraq continues to face elevated inflation, with […]
Executives are facing one of the most complicated planning environments over the past decade. We are […]
Despite positive developments, the UK is still unlikely to avoid a recession through 2023 While new […]
A new truce is likely in the coming months, but a definitive end to the conflict […]
Inflation will remain high through H1 2023 before beginning to ease in H2 B2Cs should expect […]
Ukraine’s successes open up several downside risks Firms need to prepare for a very difficult winter, […]
The influx of USD will enable the BCRA to maintain a controlled pace of ARS devaluation […]
Tourism is unlikely to make a meaningful recovery until tour requirements are dropped B2C firms should […]
There are numerous potential triggers for another lira crash Businesses in Turkey will need to prepare […]
Fresh government support will boost some US industries, but deep macroeconomic forces will keep US manufacturing […]