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As you reflect on our commentary on how the Russian invasion of Ukraine will affect markets […]
Egypt’s central bank will continue to protect FX reserves and aim for a stable currency Policymakers […]
Multinationals should monitor a range of impacts across their global portfolios The Russian invasion of Ukraine […]
Trust in the constituent assembly has declined in 2022 Firms should brace for continued instability in […]
Gas shortages and high utility costs could become more acute later this year Recent developments do […]
Consider new strategies for managing costs and protecting margins in an unprecedented price environment In response […]
With daily cases breaching 7,000, Hong Kong is poised to adopt more draconian COVID measures Businesses […]
Digital health has played a large role in addressing the pandemic across Western Europe. Though there […]
Monitor upcoming state budgets, which may have more capacity to increase spending B2B companies that serve […]
Prepare your e-commerce channels to capture elevated online sales With rising price sensitivity amid elevated inflation, […]
Our base case for the Russia-Ukraine crisis entails little disruption to global energy and food supply, […]
Plan for naira weakening and consider offering flexible payment terms to local partners facing FX shortages […]
Turkish Lira
Our recently released Turkey Market Review provides an in-depth analysis on Turkey’s economy and assesses major […]
Heightened insecurity risks will disrupt the market and private and public spending, which will require more […]
Mobility trends are consistent with Japanese consumer behavior throughout the pandemic Given Japanese consumers’ high sensitivity […]