FrontierView Healthcare—Our Premier Oncology Offering

FrontierView’s Premium Oncology Offering helps executives navigate the regulatory risks and opportunities developing across major healthcare markets in Latin America. This premium offering expands our market-leading Healthcare solution with a comprehensive set of insights, including policy intelligence, data, and in-depth analysis, designed to monitor the evolution of patient access and reimbursement within the oncology space.

Latin America is facing a crisis in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. Over the last two years, due to the direct result of pressure on local medical systems from COVID-19, an unknown number of patients have failed to receive diagnoses and treatments for various cancers. As a result of delayed diagnosis and, in turn, treatment, both mortality rates and treatment costs for later-stage diseases will increase, while patient quality-of-life and survival metrics will likely show decreases in the coming years. As governments face greater costs for treating a surge of later-stage patients, the regulatory environment will begin to shift. Clients in the healthcare space must prepare right now for the impending policy and regulatory evolution as medical systems in Latin America confront this crisis and fight to enhance patient outcomes.

A powerful combination of oncology market intelligence

Built to support Healthcare multinational executives responsible for oncology diagnostics and therapies across the top six markets in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

Insights include:

  • Ongoing policy developments and trends impacting reimbursement and patient access to diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • Country-level oncology data, including key leading indicators such as patient diagnosis, treatment and budgets
  • Monitoring of key budget execution across the year, investment announcements from key private payers and providers, in addition to monitoring of major moves by other influential stakeholders such as patient groups

How will it benefit you?

  • Navigate the risks and opportunities for market access and reimbursement for your oncology therapies and diagnostic exams by visualizing market performance and uncovering gaps in testing across patient populations
  • Pressure-test your commercial, policy, and market access plans with a view of the evolving oncology landscape through the lens of a trusted third-party
  • Monitor the strategic challenges and uncertainties from the different healthcare ecosystems across each unique market, saving your teams’ time to focus on the key actions that enhance patient access
  • Support regional personnel engagement with oncology policy design discussions through an overarching picture of advances in region that better position local debates and engagement programs
  • Facilitate upward and downward communication within your organization and leadership teams (regional and sub-regional) regarding key developments within the oncology operating environment

Download an executive summary of the Brazil Oncology Review for a sample of what you can expect.

Download the Brazil Oncology Review Executive Summary