RussiaView Executive Network

Global trade tensions, sanctions, changing demand drivers, and different expectations from Corporate HQ mean winning in Russia and CIS is becoming increasingly complex. The solution? Our premium executive network and market intelligence program, tailored to Russia and CIS executives.

The Program

Built on FrontierView and tailored to Russia and CIS executives, RussiaView is a peer exchange network and market intelligence program that drives growth outcomes.

  • Learn from hundreds of your peers across other businesses in Russia and CIS through benchmarking results and network events and conferences in Moscow
  • Stay ahead of the latest geopolitical and socioeconomic developments in Russia and CIS – both from a local and global perspective
  • Have the resources and tools at your fingertips to ensure you’re aligned with your local teams, and work with your Corporate HQ to ensure your strategic assumptions are backed by a trusted, independent third-party firm


Opportunities for in-person networking and live benchmarking of issues and expectations to provide 360-degree perspectives on your most important markets


Concise and action-oriented reports with monthly updates on the latest trends, economic developments, and market outlook trends in Russia and 11 other CIS markets


Separate signal from noise to capture growth opportunities and mitigate risks across Russia and CIS


Proprietary Russia/CIS benchmarking data with extensive database of leading indicators, available to query, visualize, and download


Customizable, cloud-based dashboards for planning, market monitoring, and quarterly business review


Live and virtual events with panelists from different sectors and other business leaders in Russia