Strategic Intelligence

Data, analysis, and news on your global growth markets

FrontierView partners with the Wall Street Journal to deliver international business professionals a premium news and market intelligence solution – Strategic Intelligence. This collaboration between FrontierView and WSJ Pro, a premium suite of products for elite practitioners, is powered by the Wall Street Journal’s peerless reporting and Dow Jones’s unrivaled data.

Let us fill the gaps in your knowledge

For about the price of an international plane ticket, you’ll get a simple, fully customizable online platform that harnesses the latest data and market insights from a dedicated team of country analysts, award-winning journalists, and local experts.

How It Helps You

Strategic Intelligence helps executives understand global risks and opportunities, presenting analysis, data, and tools from FrontierView with selected articles from the Wall Street Journal.

Country News + Expert Commentary

Extensive Market Intelligence Report Library

Country Data + Monthly Forecasts

Customizable Dashboard + Index Builder

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