Introducing our Diagnostics & Treatment Data

Access unmatched, categorized dashboards of procedure and beneficiary health datasets  from around the world. FrontierView offers the only database centralizing otherwise disparate data sources in one easy-to-access place. Make informed decisions with the most comprehensive and reliable data .

Aggregating and making sense of public and private procedure and beneficiary health datasets across geographies, in multiple formats and languages, is no small task. However, this data is a critical piece of the equation to answer important business questions around market opportunity, patient journey, treatment patterns, supply chain management, and investment decisions. No system to find, normalize, and report on this information existed — until now. 

For the first time, FrontierView enables you to seamlessly categorize, integrate, and translate the data you need on a repeatable basis. We do the heavy-lifting for you, saving you hundreds of manual hours — so you can drive business outperformance and focus on more strategic efforts.

The most comprehensive global healthcare database

Bringing together a multitude of procedure and beneficiary databases across disparate data registries that vary from country to country, FrontierView cleans, organizes, and transforms thousands of datasets into readable, reportable information. Improve efficiencies and identify new opportunities to improve patient access to innovative healthcare solutions:

  • Access procedure and beneficiary data from 14 countries (and counting) across the Americas, Europe, and Asia — in one place.
  • Never miss an important update as data is refreshed on monthly, quarterly, and annual processes.
  • Customize and report on key data points with shareable dashboards, or pull our datasets directly into your own platform with an API option.

How will it benefit your team?

FrontierView’s Diagnostics & Treatment Data provides thousands of critical data points that will allow you to make the most informed, strategic decisions at local, regional, and global levels, regarding things like:

  • Executing the most effective go-to-market strategies
  • Identifying and acting on bottlenecks impacting patient access
  • Improving supply chain management
  • Driving faster top and bottom-line performance

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