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Plan for softer customer demand as rising inflation and power shortages dampen sentiment MNCs will face […]
The governments of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka, followed by Odisha, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu, are in […]
Gas supplies to Europe have already dipped compared to previous years, and while flows typically drop […]
An embattled pro-business president struggles to appease indigenous groups Widespread social unrest broke out in Ecuador […]
Macron could govern on an issue-by-issue basis or roll the dice by calling another election next […]
Restaurants in key Chinese cities have suffered steep losses in the past few months The rapidly […]
Domestic business demand is likely to remain volatile and government investment will stall through 2022 Ongoing […]
A fragmented Congress and independent institutions will act as a check on Petro’s agenda Leftist populist […]
FrontierView just completed its latest collaboration with the University of Maryland’s Global Consulting Fellows student team […]
Signs of a short-term inflation acceleration are putting pressure on the Fed to hike faster Higher […]
Monitor sentiment and consider contingency route-to-market plans in Senegal Firms should monitor sentiment and developments around […]
With social tensions on the rise, the agreement’s credibility is falling Firms should closely monitor rising […]
While demand may ease, consumer spending will remain a key driver for growth in Central Europe […]
General election generates a higher opposition representation, but political fissures deepen The operating environment will not […]
We expect the RBA to raise rates quickly in Q3 and then slow the pace of […]