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Despite facing a third wave of COVID-19 with more transmissible variants, Germany is projected to return […]
Brazil’s economic dynamics will be split into two halves in 2021 as challenges mount in the first half […]
The global nature of FrontierView’s work presents abundant opportunities to embrace a diverse group of employees, […]
The acceleration of the vaccine rollout offers optimism for economic activity normalization; however, the government’s target of […]
South Korea skyline
South Korea’s government is attempting to successfully execute a belated but ambitious COVID-19 vaccination strategy. The […]
After some contraction in 2020, the economy is projected to return to full-year growth of 1.4% […]
Australia is set to make a full economic recovery in early 2021, supported by government spending […]
dubai uae
Several Middle Eastern countries are leading the vaccination rollout, with the UAE, Israel, and Bahrain among the […]
Ecuador gradually reopened its economy after a national lockdown in the second quarter of 2020 but has had to […]
healthcare landscape in japan
Japan’s economy will likely turn the corner in 2021, although there will be uneven recovery across […]
The third COVID-19 wave is further delaying the Western Europe outlook for recovery. Economic growth will […]
Despite sustained improvements in private sector activity, public finances remain under severe pressure across Sub-Saharan Africa […]
russia healthcare outlook
Russian policymakers are driving significant changes to the national healthcare agenda, as the government balances a […]
The launch of India’s mass vaccination plan, combined with a recent dip in domestic COVID-19 cases, […]
vaccine hub
2021 promises to be the year when we gradually exit the pandemic, and the global economy […]