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healthcare landscape in japan
As the COVID-19 wave retreats and vaccination accelerates, Japan’s healthcare recovery is on track and will […]
The delayed consumer pivot is another reason—among many—why the global shipping crisis will take at least […]
Oil prices have surged recently on a stronger demand outlook. As natural gas shortages become more […]
oil pricing
US crude oil production dropped from 11.35 million barrels per day in July to 11.07 million […]
Brazil flag and healthcare provider
As the Brazil healthcare budget is finalized, we expect the Ministry of Health to have another […]
On August 16, 2021, the president signed the Petroleum Industry Act, 2021 (PIA) into law, 13 […]
With an election scheduled for November, healthcare policy in Chile is on ice as the country […]
Center-right political alliance SPOLU gained the largest vote share in the Czech 2021 general elections last […]
Russia’s economic recovery in consumer and business demand has improved consistently each month since the beginning […]
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO’s) electricity reform has been introduced into Mexico’s lower house, which […]
As India recovers from the second wave of COVID-19, its government released a second COVID-19 response […]
Lebanon formed a new cabinet after a 13-month governance vacuum due to its fragmented political environment. […]
South Korea skyline
Supply shortages are complicating the vaccination schedule in South Korea, resulting in depressed demand in 2021. […]
After more than two years of delays, Brazil’s Board of Directors of the National Telecommunications Agency […]
European gas contracts for November delivery jumped to EUR 118.0 from EUR 17.0 six months ago […]