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Short-term inflation expectations have cooled, but broad trends still point to higher-for-longer inflation While India’s recent […]
Economic pressure will likely peak in November 2022 through February 2023 before easing in spring 2023 […]
The kingdom is the biggest winner in a high-oil-price climate, with oil economy activities trickling into […]
Weak demand is driving a deceleration in input cost and selling price inflation, as business confidence […]
Amid currency depreciations throughout emerging markets, the peso stands out as a resilient outlier Although Andres […]
Governments will prioritize certain industries, and some markets will see fewer disruptions Gas flow disruptions will […]
Even though a less ambitious reform is likely to be approved, it will still create a […]
Although prices likely won’t return to post-invasion highs, tight supply and ongoing supply risk will keep […]
Beleaguered developers suffer another blow to their financial soundness as homebuyers stop paying mortgages Businesses need […]
Target resilient customer segments and emphasize your value proposition to public sector clients MNCs exposed to […]
Breaching the spending cap could threaten the country’s credit profile and long-term inflation targets Lower commitment […]
Governments will attempt to rein in spending over the next 18 months as their finances are […]
The ministry is slated to publish a slew of new measures this week focused on addressing […]
The US benchmark interest rate will reach 3.75% by December, but Fed policy in 2023 hinges […]
Rising living costs are adding to existing political complexity of the region While aiming to capture […]