As shared in our Global Outlook for 2020, firms are used to change and uncertainty in their global markets. Interconnected global disruptors, from trade disputes to macroeconomic fragilities, create a complicated environment in which to execute strategic plans. We solve for these uncertainties with our Events to Watch for 2020 report.

What disruptive scenarios should multinationals be prepared for in 2020?

Every year, FrontierView’s Global Economicand Scenarios team identifies the most disruptive global events and associated scenarios to assess the potential impact on business. Here’s what they are tracking for 2020:

Though the downside risks tend to dominate conversations, many have a low probability of occurring next year. In fact, the upside cases in many of our events could lead to an improving business environment.

Companies that are positioned to outperform should build contingency plans for high-impact events, enabling them to adapt during periods of volatility and take advantage of new opportunities.

The Events to Watch report can help you identify which critical events to track and signposts to monitor throughout the year. For more strategic priorities as you finalize your 2020 plans, purchase the full report. To learn more about the key events to monitor next year, download the Events to Watch for 2020 Executive Summary below.