2021 promises to be the year when we gradually exit the pandemic, and the global economy slowly normalizes. The unpredictability of COVID-19’s evolution continues to raise questions related to vaccinations, social distancing, and reopening expectations. In our continued and evolving efforts covering COVID-19, we are excited to share that we published a new report and online resource hub covering vaccination efforts and reopening expectations.  

You can watch our short launch video below, which covers the new resources available on the hub, including: 

  • Live daily vaccination data across top markets 
  • Brand new report: Global Vaccination and Reopening View, which outlines our recommendation for how to think about the impact of vaccination on economic activity and demand in markets globally, and the current expectations we have for vaccination and reopening timelines across major global markets.   
  • Social distancing restriction information and news monitoring of government plans and progress in vaccination procurement and distribution  
  • Quarterly economic forecasts by country (updated monthly) 
  • News commentary from our analysts to help you make sense of new data, announcements, and government decisions as they happen  

Our latest report, Global Vaccination & Reopening View details our COVID-19 assumptions and how to interpret the implications of vaccination for different types of markets and their recovery. While vaccinations are progressing slowly, except in a small number of markets globally, this does not accurately reflect the level of reopening that is taking place across markets internationally—even ones that are currently facing significant outbreaks. MNCs need to ensure they are not applying the same kind of analysis and goal-setting assumptions to these markets.   

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