Executives are facing one of the most complicated planning environments over the past decade. We are excited to share our new Central Europe Healthcare report that now includes our expanded coverage on Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania!

Follow along as we analyze procedure volumes, drug prices, pharmaceutical sales, and expenditures. We dive into the steps you should consider as you begin strategic planning for the year ahead and offer a watchlist for 2022-2023 in the current market of complex dynamics.

The governments of Central Europe countries are experiencing many pressure points, created by inflation, backlogs, and fiscal deficits. Some highlights from across the regions:

  • In Czech Republic, the government is increasing funding for preventative care to boost return to pre-pandemic screening rates. Companies should expect increased procedure volumes, incidence rate, and demand for pharmaceuticals.
  • In Poland, the government approved the Act on minimum wage increase to overcome staff shortage. However, the increase was uneven, leaving some healthcare workers protesting, which can affect procedure volumes and drug utilization.
  • In Hungary, suppliers face uncertainty as healthcare expenditure and infrastructure development will be limited due to high debts and inflation.
  • In Romania, companies are negotiating different types of financial contracts with the government to facilitate price increases. As significant price controls lead to one of the lowest prices for pharmaceuticals in the EU, inflation accelerates pricing pressure for pharmaceutical companies and lowers consumers’ purchasing power. 

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