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Kinnari Gurnani on “India Cuts Lending Rate as Modi Faces Economic Challenges

“As expected, the RBI cut its policy rate by 25 bps for the third consecutive time yesterday, to 5.75%. Executives should align with local teams on the likelihood and timing of the rate cut being transmitted to borrowers, which has been limited in the past. Upcoming policy announcements on reforms in the banking and non-banking financial sectors will further shape our outlook for India’s economy.”

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Ramiro Sugranes on “Modernization Law Approved for the Information Technologies and Communications Sector”

“Following nine months of tense debate, Colombia’s Information Technologies and Communications Modernization Law (Ley TIC) has been approved by congress, and now just pends presidential approval. This reform will bring about key changes that should lead to greater investment in this sector, including the extension of licenses to operate in the market, and the fusion of regulating entities.”

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Alejandro Valerio on “Trump Pressures Mexico as Second Day of Border Talks Begin”

“President Trump’s statement on the US-Mexico border conflict signals that Mexico is willing to compromise. President López Obrador (AMLO) aims to strike a deal with Trump to avoid an escalation that could put more pressure on an already-weak economic environment in Mexico. AMLO’s pragmatism stems from his plan to expand his political grip domestically by avoiding an economic debacle.”

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Ashu Agarwal on “Thailand’s Junta Chief is Elected Prime Minister”

“Prayut Chan-ocha has been voted into power by 249 military-appointed senate members and 251 of 497 lower house representatives. This places Prayut in a strong position to focus on the development of the Eastern Economic Corridor. However, MNCs can expect barriers to the passage of some policies due to a strong opposition leader and the conflicting priorities of the 19 pro-junta parties.”

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Mark McNamee on “Five Political Parties Could Enter Ukrainian Parliament”

“President Zelenskiy’s party has been rising in popularity massively in the last two months, mimicking a trend seen with French President Macron and his party’s ascendance. By gaining an outright majority in the Rada, which looks increasingly likely, major anti-corruption and pro-business reforms can be implemented, driving much stronger investment and economic growth in the coming years.”

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Alex Schober on “With Confidence Vote, Peru Revives Debate Over Anti-Graft Reforms”

“Peru’s congress approved the Martin Vizcarra administration’s vote of confidence, avoiding potential snap elections. This will likely give the administration the political strength to negotiate and approve a political reform that aims to curb corruption. MNCs should expect a boost to consumer and business confidence as a result.”

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William Attwell on “Ethiopia Looks to Young Technocrats to Lead Ambitious Reform Drive”

“MNCs should continue to monitor progress on reforms pushed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his technocratic administration. Specifically, new investment opportunities could emerge owing to a privatization drive, while B2B demand is likely to rise in the next 12 months as the government presses ahead with opening up industries such as telecoms and energy to foreign private sector players.”

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