Analyzing healthcare data in LATAM is difficult. This is likely an understatement for most executives, business intelligence professionals, market access teams, and marketing strategists — especially as they attempt to leverage critical procedure and beneficiary health datasets to inform investment decisions across their key markets.


Like other parts of the world, though in its own unique way, the LATAM region presents several types of disparate data sources that companies rely on to uncover opportunities to enhance market access. These available sources range from import and export data to primary research. Here are the principal challenges faced when leveraging these different sources:

  • Import and export data: Providing a limited view, this data only represents the “sell-in” of the market without the actual “sell-out” or realized demand. This data also doesn’t allow for a subnational (state / province / department) view of where the products are being sent. Additionally, in most cases there is a significant lag of up to a year in data reporting.
  • Primary sourced data: While this data appears to be excellent at first glance, it is cost prohibitive to collect and can be tremendously incorrect — especially since it relies on the perception of busy healthcare professionals to triangulate accurate market assessments from small sample sizes in most cases.
  • Consortium data: Though it is considered the gold standard, this data is currently limited to a narrow set of specialties and when it does exist it does not always include all market participants.
  • Insurance claims data: You can garner some great insights where this data does exist (mainly in Brazil), but the existing dataset only represent a small fraction of the total markets covered. Plus, this source leaves out the public sector.
  • Financial reports from publicly traded hospital groups: Fantastic insights, but an even more limited view of the entire market (again, where this data exists — which is for the most part in Brazil).

Of course, public procedure registries is another source that fits into the list above. However, it is typically very tedious and time-consuming to identify, understand, and manipulate the data from these registries. In fact, consistently and accurately collecting data from these sources across the LATAM region could cost a team upwards of approximately 1,000 hours per year — and only then would the actual analysis begin.


The ROI of having consistent and easily accessible procedure and beneficiary health insights to better inform strategic decisions is massive. FrontierView has organized all of these datasets into one, centralized place providing real-time, easy access to updates across code-level procedure information (where available). For the first time, organizations around the world will have rapid and simple access to critical business insights, freeing up significant amounts of time for more strategic work — such as generating ideas on how treatment trends may impact the patient journey and subsequent strategy that can result in improved commercial outcomes across business platforms, therapy areas, and geographies.

With our all-in-one solution, teams across access, strategy, commercial, marketing, and supply chain can share the same procedure dashboards and align on key questions, such as total volumes, changes in patient journey behavior (i.e., movements between the in-patient and out-patient setting), difference in total demand and growth across subnational entities, and current total market growth rates.

As a result, you’ll be able to improve your go-to-market strategies, make real time adjustments to those strategies, identify and act upon bottlenecks impacting patient access, improve supply chain management, and in the process drive faster top and bottom-line performance.

These insights have the power to better inform business decisions for pharma, medtech, and diagnostic leaders today.

We are excited to launch this unique offering into the market and look forward to discussing how your teams can leverage these insights to expand patient access with your company’s life-changing technologies.

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