FrontierView recently held a webinar to help multinational clients understand the implications of COVID-19 on Asia Pacific (APAC) markets and the consumer landscape. Major markets around the globe will fall into contractionary territory this year, with significant implications for APAC’s economy.

Every Asian country across the board has experienced downward forecast revisions, however, the COVID-19 epidemic will have an uneven impact across industries. In addition to evaluating the virus’ broader impact on the region, our experts also discuss critical country-level factors, many of which are being overshadowed but are nonetheless impacting MNCs on the ground.

Topics will include (but are not limited to):

  • How B2C companies are planning for a rebound in Asia
  • How fiscal stimulus may boost consumer spending in China
  • What is driving coronavirus’ uneven impact across ASEAN
  • What scenarios and risks may unfold in India over the coming quarters
Our analysis will help you to cut through the pervasive noise in the market, pressure test the assumptions underlying your strategic plans, and provide you with information you can use to align expectations across your organization.

Watch the recording to learn more about the consumer landscape in Asia in 2020:

APAC’s Consumer Landscape in the Year of the Coronavirus from FrontierView on Vimeo.

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