FrontierView’s Asia Pacific research team is constantly having conversations with our healthcare clients about their growth initiatives and pain points as they exit the pandemic. From these conversations, we have seen that healthcare companies are gaining confidence in the demand outlook for Asia Pacific but continue to confront planning uncertainty. Slow COVID-19 vaccine rollouts and reoccurring outbreaks across portfolios of healthcare markets are driving this hesitancy.

Even as patient traffic has largely recovered in China and continues to normalize in markets that have been able to mitigate the outbreaks’ impact on healthcare provision, demand for COVID-19 versus non-COVID-19 healthcare products is still uncertain. Executives also still have questions over government priorities for medium-term healthcare financing as well as reimbursement and pricing policies. Beyond healthcare funding dynamics, the growth of digital health and healthcare localization is driving significant strategic decision making across pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

The Asia Pacific Healthcare Funding Outlook takes our APAC research team’s analysis of regional trends to improve access and reimbursement for your business, and breaks them down into country-level healthcare funding views for your strategic planning processes. Access the report for our full analysis.

  • China’s solid response to COVID-19 has already led to demand recovery in health expenditures.
  • High patient fear and government pricing measures have led to prolonged weakness for healthcare spending in Japan.
  • Mooncare expansion in South Korea should boost public financing beyond the COVID-19 crisis
  • The second wave of COVID-19 may endanger the sought-after recovery of India’s underfunded healthcare system.

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