Japan, Australia, and South Korea have had varying degrees of success in controlling the pandemic and scaling up vaccine rollouts, which have resulted in divergent timelines of economic recovery to pre-COVID levels. Asia Pacific research analysts, Kinnari Gurnani and Boyang Xue, recently hosted a webinar on how to identify opportunities in these developed markets as we exit the pandemic. The webinar includes a breakdown of each APAC 2021 market, arming you with actionable frameworks to inform your strategic planning decisions. Here are the key takeaways from the webinar:

Japan: Anticipate disruptions from a volatile COVID-19 situation. Prioritize more resilient sectors and channels in Japan in an environment of shifting customer preferences and growth divergence.

Australia: Expect a robust economic recovery in APAC 2021. B2C firms should capitalize on the increased demand for in-person consumption. B2B firms should target the building and machinery sectors and digital infrastructure development in the public sector.

South Korea: Expect the economy to re-enter pre-COVID-19 territory this year as the industrial sector benefits from a “Zoom boom.” But plan for a K-shaped recovery, particularly in the consumer space, as online channels grow and offline services lag.

Watch the recording to learn more about what to expect across Asia Pacific post-pandemic, and how to identify opportunities for your business across the region.

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