By adopting a three-phased collaborative approach, FrontierView helped Company Zeta optimize its channel management processes and revise its distributor incentive structure throughout the Asia Pacific region.


Company Zeta sought to capture growth in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region by accessing untapped customers through its indirect channel. To unlock the latent potential in its indirect channel, Zeta wanted to develop a distributor management system that would help it cultivate needed capabilities among its distributors and turn the distributors into collaborative partners.


FrontierView adopted a three-phased collaborative approach to help Company Zeta change its partner-management process:

  • First, FrontierView established buy-in from Zeta’s APAC partners for its partner-management practices by outlining components of its differentiated approach, conveyed by its 360 Distribution Diagnostic, which relies on a collaborative conversation around what matters to both distributors and suppliers to drive success.
  • FrontierView then deployed the diagnostic to uncover gaps in the channel management approach from both internal and external stakeholders, with a focus on capability development.
  • Finally, FrontierView developed diagnostic-based capability priorities and incorporated them into a scorecard for Zeta to monitor and measure incentives and establish a clear calendar of support for a pilot group of distributors.

FrontierView helped Zeta develop a distributor scorecard for a pilot group of distributors around its identified priority distributor capabilities, which improved its distributor management processes. FrontierView also built a process and playbook for Zeta so that Zeta could run a quarterly distributor performance check-in to maintain a consistent and replicable cadence of conversations with its distributors.

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