Healthcare companies are constantly exploring various applications of data and how their teams can most effectively use them. Many companies already create vast data repositories combining their proprietary sales data with depersonalized patient data taken directly from devices in the field – a combination that often leaves many gaps.

The challenge today:

As MedTech, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical companies move to address smaller potential patient populations, precision in reaching those patients is critical. Companies are looking for ways to improve the way they are leveraging available data. An example of this challenge is the increased use of real-world evidence (RWD) to support marketing and reimbursement decisions following phase III clinical trials on limited patient populations.

If we think about the commercialization of increasingly targeted solutions to recuperate investment and feed the R&D machine, companies need to find new data sources to identify patients that are slipping through, especially as competition increases within specific therapeutic classes. Diagnostics & Treatment Data can help solve this challenge.

Diagnostics & Treatment Data leads to better outcomes:

Identifying undertreated patients supports revenue growth and ultimately drives improved patient outcomes. In many cases, this can also provide savings for healthcare systems when patients are identified in early-stage disease.

A multinational healthcare company operating in Latin America recently leveraged FrontierView’s Diagnostics & Treatment Data to monitor the number of patients being diagnosed with breast cancer and the suboptimal levels of screening across specific states in Colombia and Brazil. This data allowed the company to:

  • Monitor the number of patients that should have started therapy and take the corrective course of action to better meet expectations.
  • Identify potential barriers at a narrowly focused geographic level to increase early diagnosis and improve outcomes, leading to potential net savings for the local healthcare systems.

Empowering local teams to make smarter decisions with data-backed insights:

Equip your teams with data that will improve their communication and effectiveness, and aid in impactful conversations. With real time insight into these trends, local teams are better prepared to engage in conversations with key stakeholders, including pathologists, oncologists, laboratory directors, insurance leaders, and of course policy makers. Having data, ideas, and most importantly actionable insights in hand makes team members better strategic partners, naturally leading to more opportunities for expanding access not just for the therapy in question but for other molecules in the team’s local portfolio as well.

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