The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted supply chains, stopped major economies in their tracks and thrown markets into turmoil. As multinational companies reassess how they will do business in a radically changed world many are considering reshaping their global footprints, throwing into question their investments in the emerging markets they had previously seen as powerful growth engines.

In this free webinar FrontierView’s head of research, Martina Bozadzhieva, discusses with WSJ‘s frontier markets editor, Dan Keeler, whether global corporations will follow in the footsteps of investors who have pulled billions from emerging and growth markets since the coronavirus crisis began.

Topics covered include:

  • What role are emerging markets likely to play in multinationals’ strategies and global portfolios after the pandemic?
  • Will companies pull back from emerging markets?
  • How will multinationals’ interest and investment in different regions evolve after coronavirus?
  • How the economic implications of coronavirus might reshape the opportunities and priorities for multinationals internationally.
  • How will multinationals’ strategies around pricing, R&D, product and marketing in emerging markets change as a result of coronavirus?
  • How will the fallout from the pandemic affect the relative attractiveness of key emerging markets?

Access the full On Demand webinar from The Wall Street Journal and FrontierView here.

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