FrontierView established consistent and effective distribution management processes and tools by assessing, harmonizing and augmenting existing partner management practices and strategies to enhance channel optimization.


Company Beta completely relied on distributors in the Middle East and South Asia. Management of the indirect channel across geographies tended to vary in terms of quality and approach, resulting in large swings in business performance. However, the decentralized business model made it difficult to standardize partner management. Beta sought to develop and institutionalize a standard approach to managing partners that improved scale without obviating benefits of being closer to the customer that a decentralized model brings.


FrontierView adopted a two-phase approach to address Company Beta’s unique channel needs:

  • Phase I: Holistically assessed Beta’s current channel management approach, identifying capability and process gaps, as well as good existing practices that should be strengthened and amplified throughout the organization
  • Phase II: Synthesized information gathered in Phase I to guide the development of a detailed channel management playbook, covering all major elements of Beta’s channel management workflow, which can then be used to guide new and existing channel managers in the deployment of a standard set of leading practices

FrontierView developed a workflow model which categorized the gaps, deficiencies, and areas of best practices to leverage across channel workflow areas and prioritized the areas of improvement. FrontierView also built a comprehensive playbook that outlines a standard method of managing distribution partners across the region and is rooted in both Beta’s DNA and best-in-class practices.

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