Diversified Pharmaceutical Company Exceeds Launch Expectations with FrontierView’s Diagnostics & Treatment Data

Launching a new pharmaceutical solution can be a daunting task. To achieve widespread success and reach as many patients as possible, reliable data is crucial. But what do you do when you’re dealing with limited epidemiological data and facing uncertainty around potential patient populations and payer commitment?

Learn how a global pharmaceutical company leveraged FrontierView’s Diagnostics & Treatment Data to optimize its launch strategy, improve patient access and profitability, and exceed launch expectations.

The Challenge

When a global pharmaceutical company set out to address an unmet need in the field of infectious diseases, it knew reliable data was vital to success. But when it came to the specific pathology they were targeting, the company faced a major challenge: limited epidemiological data. 

This created great uncertainty around the potential patient population and payer commitment to the disease, making it difficult for the company to set revenue targets, communicate with global supply chain management, and estimate the likely coverage for the pathology. In short, the company was flying blind without reliable data to guide its decisions.

Diagnostics & Treatment Data Leads to Better Outcomes

FrontierView’s Diagnostics & Treatment Data provided the company with the most comprehensive and up-to-date epidemiological data for similar pathologies within the infectious disease programs in the specific countries it was targeting. 

With this data, the company gained valuable insights into the number of patients with access to existing solutions for similar infectious diseases in key markets and by payer vertical. 

This enabled the company to more effectively:

  • Estimate the likely coverage for the pathology in focus
  • Set more accurate revenue targets
  • Understand the patient population and payer commitment in different markets
  • Optimize their global supply chain orders
  • Improve profitability

Post-Launch Benefits

But the benefits didn’t stop there. Following the successful product launch, the organization continues to derive value from FrontierView’s Diagnostics & Treatment Data through a multitude of ways, including: 

  • Monitoring the uptake of similar solutions for additional pathologies
  • Identifying potential opportunities to address patient access challenges
  • Comparing volumes in early launch markets with potential addressable patients in later launch markets
  • Informing decisions around expansion strategy
  • Addressing gaps in payer access and reimbursement opportunities

Connecting the Dots

FrontierView’s Diagnostics & Treatment Data proved to be a valuable and innovative solution for this pharmaceutical company, enabling an optimized product launch strategy toward improving patient access and profitability

Providing critical insights into the potential patient population, payer commitment, and market dynamics, FrontierView helped the company make better-informed decisions and exceed its launch expectations.

Looking Forward

With the continued use of these datasets, the pharmaceutical company has the opportunity to further engage with payers, address patient access challenges, and optimize its product strategy for improved patient outcomes moving forward.

The organization plans to continue leveraging the Diagnostics & Treatment Data to monitor market trends, track patient access, and identify expansion opportunities. With FrontierView as a trusted partner, the company is well-equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of infectious diseases and optimize its market strategy for continued success.

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