Three of our experts will be presenting at this year’s APACMed Virtual Forum along with other healthcare leaders across the globe: Pablo Gonzalez, Head of Latin America Research, Adam Jarczyk, Director for Asia Pacific Research, and Antonio Martinez, Director for Global Healthcare Research.

The first ever APACMed Virtual Forum brings together some of the most influential leaders in Healthcare today from over 30 countries to discuss how they are transforming the industry through live discussions, interviews, demonstrations, and master classes.

Pablo, Adam, and Antonio will be presenting two sessions throughout the afternoon. We would love to see you there!

Rising US-China Tensions: Implications for Medical Device Companies

Relations between the US and China have deteriorated markedly over the last four years, and this trend has only accelerated in the run-up to the US election.  While some observers have suggested that relations would normalize under a Biden administration, the prospects of such a shift remain unclear.  In this presentation, we will address critical questions on the future of US-China relations, including:

  • How relations between Washington and Beijing are likely to evolve following the US presidential election
  • What dynamics companies operating in the medical device space should expect in the coming months and years

Navigating Upcoming Shifts in the Supply Chain Landscape

COVID-driven disruptions to economic activity and rising tensions between the US and China have highlighted vulnerabilities in global trade channels, prompting many multinationals to reevaluate their supply chains’ resilience and flexibility. In this panel discussion, we will discuss several topics relevant to this critical issue, including:

  • What key supply chain challenges multinational companies have faced during the pandemic
  • Whether these issues are permanent or are likely to disappear as the virus subsides
  • Whether we will see governments pressuring multinationals to localize their supply chains
  • Which countries or regions stand to benefit as supply chains are redesigned

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