FrontierView developed a national opportunity lens for Company Eta, helping it to define and tactically enter a larger market.


Company Eta sought to develop a local and national go-to-market strategy for its applied behavioral analysis (ABA) services. The company wanted to not only define and segment the opportunities in additional states to grow its current services business, but also benchmark its internal capabilities (commercial, operational, technical, etc.) against successful market participants.


FrontierView utilized several methodologies in parallel to define the business/growth case for Eta’s expansion:

  • Developed market size, segmentation, and growth forecast on a national and local level based on state/local diagnosis data, demographics, shifts, and reimbursement levels (ABA services in most states are subsidized by state funds)
  • Further outlined the attractiveness of different regions and adjacent services via in-depth conversations with local/regional industry experts at all levels of the ABA continuum (i.e., competitive service providers, referral networks, etc.)
  • Benchmarked competitive organization structures to enable a clear view of personnel and process requirements for success
  • Developed a strong business case for current/future investors that outlined potential opportunity and anticipated returns

Eta was able to utilize the FrontierView market attractiveness and tactical roadmap to implement its national footprint growth strategy, and to further refine its current operations to better align with market best practices. The company attracted private investment to expand its offering to 30+ states, and investors are currently receiving offers to exit at a significant multiple of previous top-line revenue.

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