While global trends can be good indicators of smaller markets, Company Gamma was using qualitative analysis to form investment decisions in priority markets. FrontierView’s recommendations from a data-driven model validated and challenged Company Gamma’s core assumptions on 50 market segments, while building team buy-in for Gamma’s strategy.


Historically, Gamma, a medical device company, selected priority investment markets based on a qualitative analysis of global trends as well as the experience of its senior leadership team. Faced with an increasingly challenging business environment and industry climate, Gamma needed to re-evaluate its priority markets to reach internal alignment on its growth strategy.


FrontierView’s approach included a data-driven quantitative model that validated and challenged Gamma’s assumptions on five business units across ten countries by:

  • Prioritizing segments based on a quantitative evaluation of market size, growth, and stability
  • Prioritizing segments based on a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the conditions essential to business success, such as regulatory burden, local competition, product price points, and more
  • Synthesizing and analyzing results to identify the markets offering Gamma the greatest opportunity

FrontierView’s prioritization provided Company Gamma with a clear view of the geographical business unit segments that offer the greatest and most accessible opportunities best aligned with Gamma’s internal priorities. The final analysis allowed Gamma to make informed, data-driven resource allocation decisions with the buy-in from key internal stakeholders.

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