Company Alpha developed a medical device that needed to be distributed across India, but the company lacked the resources to identify a sustainable partner. FrontierView’s approach identified the distributor that could best help healthcare company Alpha succeed in India.


Company Alpha needed to identify potential partners in India to distribute its medical devices in this priority market. The right partner needed to have the financial strength, experience, and quality and ethical standards to help Alpha succeed.


FrontierView leveraged its proven methodology to help Alpha find suitable partners. This included:

  • Selecting the most relevant capability requirements from FrontierView’s distributor capability evaluation framework and aligning these to Alpha’s priorities
  • Developing an initial list of 50 potential candidates with information on each, including geographic coverage, current partners, and services offered. The 50 candidates were scored based on criteria agreed upon by FrontierView and Alpha.
  • Following this preliminary vetting, FrontierView recommended the five distributors most aligned with Alpha’s needs and interviewed key stakeholders to create detailed partner profiles.

With clear portraits of the financial strength, experience, quality and ethical standards, capabilities, and interests of each distributor, Alpha’s leadership had the information it needed to select the right distributor to help achieve its growth targets in India, its most important market.

Partner A offers a wide range of products for its customers:

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