The healthcare landscape in Japan continues to confront challenges in containing the COVID-19 pandemic while attempting to accelerate vaccine rollouts. This has exacerbated fears over further delays to patients returning to hospitals and continued concern over hospital finances. Coupled with the government’s recent drug repricing, healthcare stakeholders are pushing for a reconsideration of the government’s cost containment efforts in the healthcare space. However, the Suga administration remains likely to continue pursuing policies to reduce overall public spending and patient costs, though it is becoming increasingly open to bolstering the environment for innovative pharma and digital health initiatives.

We see three trends emerging in the healthcare landscape in Japan that businesses should watch. Read the trends below for your business to include in your strategic planning:

Trend #1: First annual drug repricing had broad impact across therapy areas and product categories

Trend #2: Hospitals seek further relief from the MHLW ahead of next year’s medical fee revision

Trend #3: Key public sector stakeholders seek to revamp the country’s pharma strategy

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