After confronting a second wave of COVID-19 infections and a deepening global recession, Asia Pacific will lead the way out of the COVID-19 crisis with the strongest recovery globally. China, Australia, and Vietnam have already rebounded significantly, with South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and India not far behind.

Healthcare spending continues to expand faster than GDP growth, even with market volatility driven from COVID-19. Cycles in patient fear levels have remained a key factor in demand planning uncertainty as patient footfall in hospital settings across Asia suffered a significant hit in 2020.

That said, the recovery pathways for demand planning in 2021 remain complex. Emerging healthcare markets have generally increased their Ministry of Health (MOH) budgets, though universal health coverage (UHC) programs received limited to no increases in the most recent budgets.

Our latest executive roundtable event explored Asia’s changing healthcare landscape as markets recover from COVID-19. Access the full presentation slides from Director for Global Healthcare Research, Antonio Martinez, on FrontierView today.

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