FrontierView partnered with Microsoft LATAM to evaluate the impact of artificial intelligence on labor markets and economic growth across the region. The tour, led by Managing Director for Latin America Research, Pablo Gonzalez, evaluated the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Latin American labor markets in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. You can access more information about the Microsoft AI Tour, our partnership, and download the report here.

As discussions around AI permeate board rooms across the globe, Latin America is seeing many opportunities to take advantage of the growing digital landscape. AI can bring several benefits to society beyond the obvious productivity gains, better work-life balance, business profits, higher economic growth, or better (AI-augmented) jobs and salaries for those that can get reskilled. Our proprietary AI Readiness Index measures not just how ready countries are today to accelerate the adoption of AI, but also their ability to provide equal opportunity to access AI benefits, regardless of income level, gender, localization, or company size.

Register for Microsoft’s On Demand Webinar to learn more about findings from the AI Tour, as well as valuable panel feedback from clients about their AI adoption learning in their work environments.

In this webinar, Pablo seeks to answer:

  • How is artificial intelligence capable of being a major disruptive factor in the labor market?
  • What are the possible opportunities and challenges to be faced by companies and their workforce?

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