As China’s factories slowly ramp up production again some of the constraints on global supply chains are easing, but the challenges for managers continue to multiply. Lockdowns in many of the world’s key markets are making business planning more difficult than ever, and with coronavirus-driven disruption moving quickly up the supply chain, multinational company executives are switching their strategic planning focus from China to the rest of their portfolio.

In this WSJ Pro Strategic Intelligence webinar, “Navigating coronavirus-driven disruption as China gets back to work“, Adam Jarczyk, director of Asia-Pacific research at FrontierView, and Martina Bozadzhieva, FrontierView’s head of research, will discuss with WSJ’s frontier markets editor Dan Keeler:

  • What the resumption of production in China means for multinational companies operating there and across Asia
  • How executives based in Asia or who operate there are rebuilding and restructuring their supply chains
  • How should companies in Asia plan for a potential recovery later this year?
  • What can global companies learn from companies’ recent experiences in China that will help them tackle their own challenges?
  • What companies should be thinking about, given what we know about coronavirus now.
  • What impact is the vast range of extraordinary stimulus measures having?

WSJ and FrontierView Webinar – Navigating coronavirus-driven disruption as China gets back to work

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