Interest rates are up. Oil prices are down. Unemployment is highly variable by country and population segment. Market shocks drive expansion and contraction at distinct rates by country, sector, and customer segment. 

And yet, despite external volatility in many of the economic, political, and policy factors on which our businesses depend for success, our 2023 performance targets are fixed.

The challenge today:

Plan derailment is common despite good plans and hard work.

  • Even with all the time you’ve invested in your annual strategic planning process, things often do not work out as planned. Our benchmarking research shows that one in four executives consistently misses key targets, and many are expressing even more anxiety about the year ahead.
  • The conventional wisdom is that strong performance is a result of solid planning and execution. However, even companies that plan carefully and faithfully focus on fulfilling their plan milestones often face plan derailment due to unanticipated market shifts. Unfortunately, 2023 seems to be delivering plenty of examples for our consideration.

FrontierView can help you mitigate risk & stabilize your business:

Companies that successfully fulfill their strategic plans have two common characteristics:

  • High internal alignment between corporate, region, and country-level teams
  • Resilience to external surprises, enabled by timely course-correction

Organizations reporting high marks on these two qualities exceeded their corporations’ expectations on profitability and market share performance, related with 99% confidence.

How do they achieve alignment and resilience? Our research shows two key actions matter most to exceeding corporate targets against environmental volatility:

  1. Pressure-test plans during the execution phase of the year, beyond strategic planning season.
  2. Focus on developing strong scenario planning capabilities at the local level.

FrontierView is here to help. Our custom market monitoring services will allow you to pressure test your plans and minimize the impact of market surprises. Our highly customized scenario planning services and implications analysis will enable your local teams to outperform, and also support them in their own development of scenario thinking capabilities.  

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At FrontierView, our mission is to help our clients grow and win in their most important markets. We are excited to share that FiscalNote, a leading technology provider of global policy and market intelligence has acquired FrontierView. We will continue to cover issues and topics driving growth in your business, while fully leveraging FiscalNote’s portfolio within the global risk, ESG, and geopolitical advisory product suite.

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