Imagine having critical qualitative insights at hand year-round, directly gathered from your clients and prospects through focus groups or other traditional market research means. These insights would provide real-time information about customer usage, attitudes, expectations, pain points, suggestions and satisfaction. Wouldn’t that be a wealth of information to help you pilot your marketing strategy in real-time?

Qualitative online B2B communities offer exactly that, in a simpler way than focus groups. You have access on an ongoing basis to a pool of key customers – the community members – who you can involve into any qualitative subject from product or service concept development to customer journey analysis.

In FrontierViews whitepaper: Qualitative Online B2B Communities you’ll learn:

  • The principles behind qualitative online B2B communities
  • How FrontierView establishes and manages online B2B communities for our clients
  • What the benefits are of a long-term qualitative online B2B community
  • And so much more…​

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