As we approach the end of the year, you might be using this time to reflect on your business’ broader strategy and challenges ahead. While we spend quite a lot of time monitoring markets and rapidly evolving local events, we would like to highlight some bigger-picture reading from this year that might be helpful in the context of an unpredictable and complex 2022.

  1. Pressure test your assumptions for next year. Read our 2022 Events to watch report which highlights events that could change what 2022 looks like.
  2. Growth in e-commerce. We surveyed our clients during the summer, and they shared that they expect to see a substantial shift towards more online sales over the next five years. This has the potential to significantly disrupt existing offline route to market relationships, particularly with third-party partners.  Review our best practices for offline/online channel integration.
  3. Pressure-test your investments across markets. Review our portfolio allocation framework. COVID-19 has changed long-term growth trajectories, purchasing power, government fiscal balances, and operating conditions across so many markets. Take a second look at your geographic exposure and evaluate if you are optimizing your investments, particularly as we head towards COVID as an endemic disease and much less stringent lockdowns over the next year.
  4. Shipping and supply chain challenges. While we expect some improvement in 2022, we are not facing a rapid normalization. At the same time, we know that once these start to ease, companies will need to take a big step back and re-evaluate their supply chain footprint post-pandemic and consider environmental demands from governments and customers, as well as geopolitical issues like US-China tensions.

If you’re looking to refresh your perspective on major markets globally or looking to get the latest updates, here is a shortlist of some light reading we’d recommend:

At FrontierView, we have many exciting investments and enhancements in store for 2022 and cannot wait to share them with you as the year unfolds.

Our mission is to help our clients grow and win in their most important markets. We are excited to share that FiscalNote, a leading technology provider of global policy and market intelligence has acquired FrontierView. We will continue to cover issues and topics driving growth in your business, while fully leveraging FiscalNote’s portfolio within the global risk, ESG, and geopolitical advisory product suite.

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