With the impact of the oil price crash and COVID-19, Russian public and private spending will be under pressure in 2021 from greater indebtedness and deteriorated macro fundamentals. The government will have to bolster healthcare capacity and generate economic growth, while also determined to remain conservative in its fiscal policy to bolster the Russia healthcare outlook for next year. Healthcare executives will need to work closely with local partners in order to identify burgeoning opportunities amid pressured public finances.

In this webinar, Russia Healthcare Outlook for 2021, we share our outlook on the pace of economic recovery in Russia and its implications for the healthcare industry, looking at the current state of COVID-19 and the pace of normalization of elective procedures, on the fiscal and financial impact of the crisis on the outlook for healthcare financing and on how healthcare priorities and policies are likely to shift in the coming year. As businesses plan for 2021, we align on key assumptions for next year’s budget and how MNCs are adapting their strategy to capture opportunities amid COVID-19.

Watch the full webinar presentation below:

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