FrontierView, in partnership with The Wall Street Journal, supports business professionals with a new service offering – Strategic Intelligence. SI is a premium subscription service designed to support the decisions and workflows of internationally focused business executives to simplify your workflow.

Regular internal reporting on market conditions means professionals need to maintain a wide range of spreadsheets, databases, and documents from many different sources. Strategic Intelligence offers a customizable dashboard which enables you to set up a “living” workspace that aggregates a wide variety of information sources in a single location for easy reference, visualization, and sharing.

Watch the short video below to see how SI can help you simplify your workflow.

The service combines a unique mix of The Wall Street Journal’s international business coverage with FrontierView’s country analysis, rich data sets, analytical tools and customizable technology. This combination creates a complete business planning and market monitoring solution for senior strategy, finance, market intelligence and business executives responsible for their firms’ international growth strategy. Click here for more information on Strategic Intelligence.

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