Earlier this month, FrontierView, in partnership with International Workplace Group (IWG), held its first APAC executive breakfast of 2019 in Singapore. The event focused on sustaining growth in an era of volatility, particularly in light of the strained US-China trade relationship. FrontierView’s Director of Asia Pacific Research, Adam Jarczyk, led a discussion on how the economic and business landscapes of Asia’s most important emerging markets will evolve in 2019.

The polling and conversation made clear that our APAC clients expect tensions between the US and China to remain a feature of the business environment regardless of the outcome of the current negotiations. As a result, they need to not only take these tensions into consideration in their medium-term plans but also ensure that corporate doesn’t fall prey to complacency.

The conversation over the course of the morning also turned several times to the topic of resilience. Recognizing that there may be turbulence in Asia’s business environment this year, executives in the region are considering different ways to develop their organizations’ agility so that they are well-positioned to weather any sudden changes and pivot quickly to capitalize on new opportunities.

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Special thank you to our event sponsor, International Workplace Group (IWG)!

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