Scenarios for the global economy in 2022–2023

Our latest refresh on the global economic outlook is here, and the upshot is sobering. In Stagflation, Recession, or a Reprieve? Scenarios for the Global Economy in 2022-2023, we note the economy is already entering a period of “stagflation” – low growth and high inflation – which will dominate the global business environment for the next year. And it could get worse: any misfire around China’s zero-COVID strategy, Europe’s energy supply, or Federal Reserve policy – among other events – will be enough to tip the economy into a recession.

It’s a depressing outlook, particularly given the growth momentum we were seeing just a few months ago. But instead of dwelling on what could have been, let’s consider what you can do about it. Specific actions to take will depend on your business, your role, and what markets you operate in – and the report walks through these variable implications in detail. From reconsidering your product offerings, to pricing and marketing strategies, to geographic and segment prioritization, the good news is that your company’s responses are in your control, and there are many options to consider.

But the most important implication of all, is to consider the human cost. Global stagflation means widespread suffering – among poorer consumers, in developing countries, and in all places experiencing food insecurity and political instability. Now is the time to brace for the impact: by beefing up your public and government affairs functions, by considering links with your corporate social responsibility and ESG commitments, and by acknowledging that actions taken in this environment affect not only your business – but the entire world.

Download the executive summary of our Global Scenarios for 2022-2023

With significant uncertainty in the current environment, a scenario-based approach is important for your plans. FrontierView has a plethora of resources to support your 2022–2023 planning and we are standing by to support you.

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