Strategic planning and planning processes have evolved substantially this year following the upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are speeding up decision-making and changing how they set targets to enable more agile adaptation to the highly uncertain market environment.

Most companies have either accelerated, modified, or invested more effort into short-term planning. We see differences across sectors, with consumer-oriented companies doing performance analyses more often to adapt as digitization continues to dominate and consumer behavior shifts. Companies are introducing new approaches to resource allocation and approval cycles to position themselves for success next year.

With strategic planning season in full swing, businesses are struggling to implement scenario planning processes – particularly at the local level – despite great adoption of this strategy across many companies. Global strategy leads should utilize best practices and insights from colleagues across industries to implement best-in-class processes that can stand the test of time and support their organizations as the world recovers from the impacts of COVID-19.

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