COVID-19 has disrupted multinationals unlike any crisis over the past decade, creating operational, monitoring, and planning challenges companies need to adapt to. We have shifted to hosting virtual events and webinars to support our FrontierView clients with building strategies through these unprecedented times.

Last week, our teams around the world held three virtual engagements focused on strategic planning in a time of COVID-19, how COVID-19 will shape global supply chains, and the healthcare outlook for ASEAN. In addition to sharing case studies, tools, and best practices for multinationals, our events are designed to be highly interactive, where clients can submit questions to our experts and connect with peers dealing with similar challenges at their organizations.

Our experts explored the following topics:

  • How to build greater flexibility into annual plans given the lack of visibility with COVID-19:
    • Guiding local teams in building strategies and country-level plans that can handle the uncertainty of COVID-19
    • Gathering and using fast-moving data to stay ahead of changing market conditions
    • Driving cultural and organizational change for more dynamic planning
    • Tools and best practices for building flexible plans for 2020-2021
  • A three-step process for addressing supply chain vulnerabilities (view the recording)
    • Regaining control and visibility – Empowering your supply chain risk management team, and obtaining end-to-end visibility over your supply chain
    • Quantifying key liabilities – Identifying key vulnerabilities, and subjecting them to supply chain shocks to assess the liability that they represent
    • Identifying and prioritizing solutions – Building a solutions map for each sizeable liability based on impact, ease, and cost of implementation
  • The ASEAN-5’s healthcare landscape over the next 6-9 months (view the recording)
    • Assessing the COVID-19 response and prospects for a demand recovery
    • Fiscal pressures and payer priorities through 2021
    • Long-term prospects for healthcare spending, localization, and digital health

Clients receive exclusive access to virtual roundtables, such as these, for networking and idea-sharing tailored to the issues most important to your business. You can find more information and register for any of our upcoming webinars. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay on top of the latest insights and webinar recordings.

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