Medtech, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic companies are increasingly leveraging different forms of data to drive business outperformance—including CRM, import, export, and market data—with varying degrees of success.

To that end, FrontierView is excited to introduce our Diagnostics & Treatment Data. We are the first to offer this tool, which means you’ll be the first to use this cutting-edge data. We’ve done the heavy lifting to save you thousands of hours of error-prone, manual labor and facilitate monthly tracking of your key market data.

We’re bringing together a multitude of procedure databases from around the globe. From there, we clean, organize, and transform hundreds of thousands of data series, including procedure code–level data, into a manipulable and trackable format. This is the tool you are looking for. It will enhance your efforts and help you identify new opportunities to improve patient access to innovative healthcare solutions.

Diagnostics & Treatment Data Dashboard


Healthcare data points across geographies are a key piece of the equation to answer important business questions around market opportunity, patient journey, treatment patterns, and supply chain management. Yet, the process of aggregating and normalizing public and private healthcare datasets across geographies has historically been prohibitively resource intensive.


FrontierView’s Diagnostics & Treatment Data provides thousands of data points that will contribute to your team’s efforts to paint a more accurate picture and make critical decisions on:

  • Current market size and market share, helping identify underpenetrated parts of the potential addressable patient base by payer
  • Key patient access barriers and as such better inputs to market access strategies 
  • Key trends in demand across subnational geographies and subsequently a more agile ability to shift field-force resources and adapt supply chain/service strategy
  • Suboptimal treatment patterns and consequently the ability to create more targeted companies to shape healthcare provider and patient behaviors
  • Seasonality in demand and underlying shifts in preferences, resulting in improved ordering management from global factories and better-timed stock levels in local inventory to enhance cash management

These are just a few of the many applications for your local, regional, and global teams to drive outperformance in 2023. 

We are proud to announce the launch of our Diagnostics & Treatment Data and contribute to the work of the industry and enhanced patient access to life-saving technologies.

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